Sanil Rego
Trever definitely knows what he’s doing and is an excellent trainer. He offers a ton of programs that someone with any level of experience can pick from. The equipment in the gym is all brand new and high quality.
priyaranjan pattnayak
Been working out with Trever for a while now. He is very knowledgeable and mixes up exercises to get the best out of our workout. He also takes into consideration if there's things (muscle sprains/pain) that are bothering us and comes up with an alternate workout for the specific muscle groups. I had a long standing groin pain that he helped me overcome. I like weights whereas my partner likes more of a HIIT format. Trever plans our workout keeping individual goals in mind. I went from squating 100lbs to 255lbs and benching 85lbs to 160lbs. It's been only a few months and I can see some progress. Same for my girlfriend who has gone from barely being able to do a couple pushups to doing 10+ pushups with much ease. My pull-up game has also improved.
Nicole Cheng
Love this new gym with all new weights! But that's not the only why it deserves a 5 stars: Trevor is a great trainer! He's very accurate at assessing my level and pushing me out my comfort zone to make progress! I have been working out myself before meeting him, but it was because of Trevor that I was able to do my first ever pull up!
Rui Z.
I have been training with Trever for years and he is very knowledgeable and approachable. He makes different workout and nutrition plans based on my goals from time to time, to help me keep fit and increase strength. The location is also great and I have more options to choose when to work out given it's close to so many offices and apartment buildings. Highly recommended!!
Seema B.
Beautiful new facility in Belltown! All you need for functional, strength and HIIT training. Well designed space with windows and great music for an awesome workout experience. Owner and personal trainer Trever Quitugua, is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. A wonderful addition to the Seattle downtown. I love it!
Sam G.
Trever is an exercise expert and knows how to make working out fun. He'll help you achieve your goals in a safe, effective manner and push you beyond your limits. The new gym is beautiful and has fresh equipment too! You won't find a better place to lift in Belltown.
Steven S.
Trever really pushes you to be your best and keeps you motivated to reach that next level that you is feel out of reach. Definitely a great trainer to meet your fitness goals.